NJIT Faculty Council

The Faculty Council represents the faculty and instructing staff of NJIT.  Its purpose is to facilitate communications among the faculty, the administration, and Trustees, to enhance faculty governance; and to promote harmonious, efficient, and educationally effective operation of the Institute.

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Teaching Assignment Process


Council Members 2009-2010

Ali Akansu
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
973-596-5650; akansu@njit.edu

Maurie Cohen
Department of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering
973-596-5281, maurie.cohen@njit.edu

Janice Daniel
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
973-596-4794; daniel@njit.edu

Carol Johnson
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
973-596-5472; cjohnson@njit.edu

Dale Gary
Department of Physics
973-596-7878; dgary@njit.edu

Richard Haddad
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
973-596-3516; haddad@njit.edu

Carol Johnson
Department of Federated History
973-596-5472; cjohnson@njit.edu

Mill Jonakait
Department of Biological Sciences
973-353-1355; jonakait@andromeda.rutgers.edu

Lou Kondic
Department of Mathematics
973-596-2996; kondic@njit.edu

Bernard Koplik
Department of Mechanical Engineering
973-596-3343; koplik@njit.edu

Marvin Nakayama
Department of Computer Science
973-596-3398; marvin@njit.edu

Mesut Sahin
Biomedical Engineering
973-596-5573; mesut.sahin@njit.edu

Arijit Sengupta
Department of Engineering Technology
973-596-7073; sengupta@njit.edu

Richard Sher
Department of Federated History
973-596-3377; sher@njit.edu, rsher6@gmail.com

Cheickna Sylla
School of Management
973-596-5691; sylla@njit.edu

Marino Xanthos
Department of Chemical Engineering
973-596-8436; xanthos@njit.edu

No Representative
Information Systems
School of Architecture

Mary Short
Cullimore Hall, Room 103