NJIT Alma Maters

Current Alma Mater

To Alma Mater fair and great,

our voices now we raise,

Our gratitude we demonstrate,

Your steady voice we praise.

Your challenge on us never fails,

a world of knowledge calls.

In heart and mind,

our trust we’ll bind

to our NJIT.

We’ll hold your memory ever dear,

your spirit we’ll revere.

To you we’ll promise loyalty,

our own NJIT.

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Tune: “Grandfather’s Clock”
Lyrics by J.P. Wludyka ’23 and M. Kosches ‘24


It was there on the hill, where our college was built,

And it stood there since 1884,

For her colors are blue like the skies high above,

And the gold like the radiant sun.

Alma Mater we love thee and the ground whereon you stand,

You are always our glory and pride,

And the C. of E. shall always be the pride of eternity.



James C. Peet


Hail! Dear old N.C.E., bow to her call;

For men who are leaders do answer her roll.

With voices resounding we’ll sing of her glory,

The pride that we feel at the sound of her name.


Alma Mater, we praise thee, the ground whereon you stand,

Since eighteen hundred eighty-four, o’erlooking the land.

We’ll always stand by you, to you we pledge our might;

Here do we give our all for the crimson and white.



Professor Emeritus Frederick P. Fernsler


To Alma Mater fair,

Our voices now we raise;

Our thanks to her we share;

Her steady torch we praise—

Her light of challenge on us falls;

A building world of Science calls.

Mindful too that we must heed

Inner vision’s greatest need,

She gave us purpose richly filled

With precept wisdom-pearled;

That we must love, as well as build

A human, feeling world.



Alma Mater, Alma Mater,

To thee we tribute bring,

Newark College of Engineering,

To thee in trust we cling.

Revered, enshrined in heart and mind,

Thou our loyalty ever bind.



Music by Professor James N. Wise
Lyrics by Frederick Fernsler


To Alma Mater fair and great

Our voices now we raise;

Our gratitude we demonstrate,

Her steady torch we praise.

Her challenge on us ever falls;

A world of knowledge calls.

In heart and mind

Our trust we’ll bind

To our NJIT

We’ll hold her memory ever dear

Her spirit we’ll revere.

To her we promise loyalty

Our own NJIT.