Certificate in Finance for Managers

The courses use shared business cases and a shared knowledge base that is accessible throughout the certificate program. The common cases and knowledge base allow students to review material from courses that they have completed and provide an integrated perspective to business problems.


Provides the skills and tools needed to analyze business models and apply core business concepts toward solving tactical and strategic problems. Course delivery and material include online lectures accessible over the Internet, threaded discussions, online chat in real time and case analyses. Each course has the same user interface so that each course has the same look and feel allowing students to move seamlessly from course to course. Credential relates in its entirety to either NJIT MBA or NJIT MS in Management.

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Students in the Finance for Managers Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  •  Management accounting (break-even analysis, profit planning, transfer pricing and more). 
  •  Financial and economic environment issues integrated with market structure, cost/production technology, pricing policy, cash flow and more. 
  •  Financial management of assets, liabilities, and equity in a domestic framework (financial statement analysis, financial ratio analysis, capital budgeting and structure, and more). 
  •  International finance (exports and imports, multicurrency working capital, tax consequences and the principal-subsidiary relationship of the multinational enterprise and more). 
  •  Mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring (valuation, broker/finder agreements, post-merger integration and more).


Jonathan Smitherson

Gopalakrishnan, Shanthi

Professor of Management

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Gopalakrishnan, Shanthi
Professor of Management, MTSM
CAB 3017