Certificate in Intelligent Transportation Systems

The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Certificate Program aims at studying ITS in a systematic and focused way.


Provides current and future Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) professionals with the training, technical assistance and educational resources needed to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities to build technical proficiency in ITS.

This certificate program provides the current and future ITS workforce with flexible, accessible ITS learning through training, technical assistance, and educational resources. The program will assist graduate students, educators, and transportation professionals in developing their knowledge, skills, and abilities to build technical proficiency for ITS.

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Students in the Intelligent Transportation Systems Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  • It's fundamentals (national/regional architectures, designing process, technological and operational issues, and more). 
  • Traffic studies and capacity (elementary probability and statistics, traffic stream characteristics, traffic flow relationships and more). 
  • Advanced transportation modeling (Macroscopic, Mesoscopic and Microscopic tools). 
  • Geographic information system (data structures and basic functions, data sources and capture method, and spatial data and objects). 
  • Database fundamentals, using the Structured Query Language (SQL). 
  • Data management system design (database design, conceptual modeling, storage, concurrency control and recovery).


Jonathan Smitherson

Lee, Jo Young

Assistant Professor

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Lee, Jo Young
Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
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