Certificate in Management of Technology

With the use of technology on a constant rise, NJIT recognizes the demand for highly trained individuals to manage the influence of technology in organizations and the global market place. 


Focuses on the development, generation, and implementation of technology, as well as the influences of technology on global competitiveness, to provide students with the background for integrating fundamental business knowledge with applications of technology.  

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Students in the Management of Technology Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  • Knowledge management. 
  • Information systems principles (personnel resources and budgets, integration of corporate and MIS plans, intermediate and long-range MIS plans, security and controls, and more). 
  • Decision support systems. 
  • E-commerce technologies and management strategies. 
  • Digital technology management.


Jonathan Smitherson

Sylla, Cheickna

Professor of Decision Sciences & MIS

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Sylla, Cheickna
Professor of Decision Sciences & MIS, Martin Tuchman School of Management
4013 CAB