Certificate in Network Security and Information Assurance

The internet of things is ushering in a new age of connectivity - from single board computers to refrigerators to cars to thermostats. All of these devices need to be properly understood, designed, configured and maintained.


This program aims to help the end user and professional understand, design, configure and maintain the widening range of devices that have access to the Internet, from single-board computers and refrigerators to cars and thermostats. Also lays the foundation for securing networks to prevent their being compromised. 

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Students in the Network Security and Information Assurance Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  •  Computational methods that provide secure internet communication. 
  •  Network management technology and techniques. 
  •  Emerging network management standards. 
  •  Widely used security applications, schemes and practices on the internet and enterprise networks. 
  •  Information assurance, and network and computer security concepts, applications and standards. 
  •  Audit, control and security issues, requirements and processes in organizational information systems. 
  •  Computer security auditing.


Jonathan Smitherson

Olsen, George W.

Academic Advisor

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Olsen, George W.
Academic Advisor, College of Computing Sciences
GITC - 3400