Certificate in Social Media Essentials

Today's innovations in communication have created an undeniable demand for specialists in social media. Corporations, governments, and non profits are engaging in digital media to extend the reach of their initiatives providing a fresh platform for launching new products and services.


Offers detailed instruction in the use of social media as a communication tool in the business, education, government and nonprofit sectors, as well as the opportunity to develop a comprehensive professional ePortfolio.  

Graduates from this certificate program will know when and how to use media tools to foster dialogue and drive action. Students will gain competencies in communication, information design, and new technologies. 

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Students in the Social Media Essentials Graduate Certificate Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  • How and when to use blogging, tagging, wiki writing, podcasting, and tweeting. 
  • Online visual communication strategies, including multimedia design and creation, usability heuristics, navigation theory and community building. 
  • User research methods such as contextual inquiry, ethnographic field studies, card sorting, affinity diagramming and usability testing. 
  • User and task analysis/rhetorical strategies. 
  • Contemporary types of technical communications.


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Klobucar, Philip Andrew
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