M.S. Applied Science

The objective of this program is to 'educate the educators' in a concentrated science field at a high level, and apply current instructional design tools in that science field, to bring back to the classroom on their own.


 Whether you are a Chemistry middle school teacher, or a corporate instructional designer, this program will help improve your everyday methodology.

Students in the Applied Science Master's Degree Program will learn a wide range of leadership and management skills in addition to the following skills: 

  • Technology in Class and Learning - Various types of technology necessary to develop, use, and process the results of assessments as well as facilitate and augment instructional design. 
  • Digital Instruction Essentials - The digital era has placed teaching and learning in flux, creating instructional opportunities at every turn. In this course students will examine the fundamentals of instructional design, working through a cycle of continuous improvement including idea generation, curriculum development, course production, and assessment. 
  • Select skills from chosen track: Professional and Technical Communication, Business, Computer Science, Engineering Management, Information Systems, Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics


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Klobucar, Philip Andrew
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