Lian Duan

Assistant Professor of Information Systems


Lian Duan, whose innovative research on large-scale data mining has applications in the business world, will join the College of Computing Sciences as an assistant professor. Duan’s work on data mining, the automatic process of extracting patterns from large data sets, has practical applications in many industries, including marketing, social networking and bioinformatics. Whereas most data mining experts search for correlation pairs, he focuses on correlated sets of arbitrary size. His research focuses on correlation search, community detection, and density-based clustering and outlier detection.

Before coming to NJIT, Duan worked as a research assistant in the Department of Management Science at the University of Iowa.

His most important publications are “Finding Maximal Fully-Correlated Itemsets in Large Databases,” which was published in Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining, PP.770-775, 2009, and “A Local-density Based Spatial Clustering Algorithm with Noise,” published in Information Systems. Vol.32, No.7, PP.978-986, Nov. 2007.

He has two PhDs, one in computer science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, and one in information systems with an emphasis on data mining from The University of Iowa.