Catalin Turc

Associate Professor of Mathematical Sciences


Associate Professor Catalin Turc, Department of Mathematical Sciences, is focused on designing numerical and analytical tools for solving challenging problems in diverse scientific and technological areas, including solar photovoltaic technology. This requires developing innovative computational methods for faithfully simulating the complexities of the world around us. An educator as well as a researcher, his aim is to convey the beauty and effectiveness of mathematical theory, and to share the great satisfaction of using the power of computational mathematics to simulate physical reality.

Turc’s research interests belong to the broad area of computational electromagnetics and acoustics. The main goal is the design and implementation of numerical methods that can be used for efficient simulation of electromagnetic and acoustic wave interactions with complex material structures.

During the past few years, Turc has worked on a variety of problems related to fast, high-order frequency domain integral equation methods for acoustic and electromagnetic scattering problems in domains with complex material and geometrical features. He has developed analytical and computational tools that enable solutions for problems of fundamental significance involving applications such as electromagnetic interference and compatibility (electronic circuits), dielectric/magnetic coated conductors, composite metamaterials (photonic crystals and negative index materials), and solar cells.

Turc’s research has been especially productive with respect to:

  • Well-conditioned integral equation formulations and fast, high-order solvers for scattering problems at high-frequencies in three dimensions
  • High-order algorithms for the solution of partial differential equations (Laplace, Helmholtz, Maxwell equations) in domains with geometric singularities in two and three dimensions
  • Wave propagation solvers in periodic structures in three dimensions

Support for Turc’s work has been provided by the U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Turc comes to NJIT from the Department of Mathematics at Case Western Reserve University. He earned his PhD in mathematics at the University of Minnesota, and master’s and bachelor’s degrees in mathematics at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Romania.