Wen Zhang

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Wen Zhang has been appointed to the faculty of Newark College of Engineering in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering as an assistant professor. His areas of interest include the sustainable water-energy- environment systems and sustainable design and manufacturing. He is also interested in integrating cutting edge research from diverse disciplines into environmental science and engineering curricula.

Since 2011, Zhang has worked as a research engineer in the laboratories of Drs. Yongsheng Chen and John Crittenden at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he continued his doctoral research on the applications and implications of nano-materials in environmental systems. His doctoral studies focused on developing multidisciplinary approaches to address the complex issues of nano-materials in the environment and were supported by the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science to Achieve Results (STAR) program.

Zhang was a funded Fellow from the Semiconductor Research Corporation. In 2011, he received the Simon Karecki Award from the Global Research Collaboration and SEMATECH Engineering Research Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing.

Zhang has published more than 19 scientific papers in many prominent journals that include Nano, Environmental Science and Technology and The Journal of Physical Chemistry.

Zhang received his PhD in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.