Transfer Credit Evaluation Department Contacts

After your initial transfer evaluation has been completed by the Office of the Registrar and you have met with an academic advisor, please contact the appropriate department transfer credit evaluator to request a review of any course that did not transfer to NJIT. 

Please provide the department transfer credit evaluators with the information below when you send an email to request a transfer credit evaluation.

  • Name
  • NJIT ID #
  • NJIT Major
  • Course description
  • Course syllabus
  • Semester completed and Grade earned
  • Previous institution unofficial transcript


Ying Wu College of Computing (YWCC)


Usman Roshan

Computer Science

Vincent Oria

Information Systems

Brook Wu

Information Technology

Michael Halper

Martin Tuchman School of Management (MTSM)

Accounting, Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems, Operations Management

Michael Sweeney

College of Science & Liberal Arts (CSLA)

Biological Sciences

Karen Roach


Bhavani Balasubramanian

Communication, English, Humanities, Social Sciences, Literature, Philosophy, Science Technology & Society


Michael Tress

Environmental Science

Roumiana Petrova

History, Pre-Law, Law, Paralegal, Criminal Justice, Political Science, Public Administration, Public Service, American Studies, Gender Studies, Foreign Languages

Maureen O'Rourke

Mathematical Sciences

Petronije Milojevic 

Please click here first: Math Transfer Credit Evaluation Process



Leslie Williams

Andrei Sirenko

Tao Zhou

Send one email to all three below:

Theatre Arts and Technology Michèle Rittenhouse

Newark College of Engineering (NCE) 

Biomedical Engineering


Alev K. Erdi   and

Penelope Georges

Send one email to:  and

Chemical, Biological & Pharmaceutical Engineering

Gordana Obuskovic

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Heidi Young

Electrical & Computer Engineering


Marek Sosnowski  and

Ryoko Mathes 

Send one email to:  and

Engineering Technology (see below)



  • Computer Technology and Medical Informatics Technology

David Lubliner

  • Concrete Industry Management


Mohamed Mahgoub

Anlee Orama

Send one email to: and

  • Construction Engineering Technology and Construction Management Technology

John Wiggins

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology

Daniel Brateris

  • Manufacturing Engineering Technology

Samuel Lieber

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology


Arijit Sengupta

  • Surveying Engineering Technology

Laramie Potts

Industrial Engineering

Athanassios Bladikas

Mechanical Engineering

Lucie T. Tchouassi

College of Architecture & Design* (CoAD)


Meaghan O'Connor



Sasha Corchado  

*Additional course materials will be required to conduct the transfer credit evaluation for art, architecture, and design related courses. Please contact the appropriate CoAD advisor for your major for further information.

Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education

Brian Callahan