Robert W. Van Houten Award for Teaching Excellence

                                                            Dr. I. Joga Rao, Ph.D 2010 Recipient

The Robert W. Van Houten Award for Teaching Excellence recognizes outstanding tenured faculty at the university.  (See Teaching and Research page for other NJIT faculty teaching awards.)  The voting population is a randomly drawn computer generated list from the last five graduating classes, as it is felt that their recent experience is the most valid in judgment.  A statistically valid number of alumni are randomly chosen to complete the ballot and they are asked to consider their selections based on the following criteria:

  • The Award is for current teaching excellence rather than past performance.
  • Excellence in teaching implies a high level of success in leading students to knowledge and understanding.  It must be judged accordingly to the degree and quality of inspiration transmitted to the students as well as the example of intellectual integrity demonstrated by the instructor.
  • Attributes not directly related to teaching should be considered only insofar as they affect the quality of the instruction.
  • Past recipients of the Award are ineligible for selection.


Past Recipients:
1970   Herman A. Estrin, Ph.D. *
1971   Charles H. Duursema '33 *
1972   Robert Dresnack, Ph.D.
1973   Mauro Zambuto, Ph.D.
1974   John E. McCormick, Ph.D. *
1975   Chung-Wei Chow
1976   William J. Stack
1977   Deran Hanesian, Ph.D.
1978   Wayne I. Clements '57 *
1979   Robert P. Kirchner, Ph.D. '62, '64
1980   Richard C. Progelhof, Ph.D. '58
1981   C. Richard Hatch, Ph.D.
1982   Warren H. Ball, Ph.D. *
1983   Lawrence J. Schmerzler, PE '56
1984   Anthony Kahng *
1985   Stanley S. Reisman, Ph.D.
1986   James Rigassio '48
1987   Roman W. Voronka, Ph.D. '62, '64
1988   Murray I. Lieb '61, '63
1989   John V. Droughton, Ph.D. '62
1990   Roy H. Cornely, Ph.D.
1991   Edip Niver, Ph.D.
1992   Otto Badenhausen
1993   Martin Katzen, Ph.D.
1994   Dana E. Knox, Ph.D. *
1995   John H. Olson '60, '66
1996   Ian S. Fischer, Ph.D.
1997   Angelo Perna, Ph.D.
1998   Basil C. Baltzis, Ph.D.
1999   Doris M. Sher
2000   David L. Hawk, Ph.D.
2001   Deran Hanesian, Ph.D.
2002   Fadi P. Deek, Ph.D. '85, '86, 97
2003   Cheickna Sylla, Ph.D.
2004   Rajesh N. Dave, Ph.D.  
2005   Rajiv Mehta
2006   John R. Schuring, Jr., Ph.D.
2007   Bruce G. Bukiet, Ph.D.
2008   Timothy N. Chang, Ph.D. *
2009   Neil M. Maher, Ph.D.
2010   I. Joga Rao, Ph. D.
2011   Methi Wecharatana, Ph.D.
2012   Katia Passerini, Ph.D.
2013   Dorairaja Raghu, Ph.D.

* Deceased

updated 03/13/13