Class of 1933

The Class of 1933 has continuously maintained the friendships that began in 1929 when they first arrived on the campus of Newark College of Engineering. In the early years, they met annually in a Newark restaurant. After a gala 25th anniversary weekend party held in Asbury Park, the group decided to target five-year intervals for their reunions.

When the 60th Reunion in 1993 was lightly attended by classmates then in their eighties, Wil Kupfrian undertook an annual “round robin” letter campaign to help the 33rd Engineers stay in touch.

To mark their 70th anniversary, the NJIT administration helped the class put together a “virtual reunion.” Robert A. Altenkirch, president of NJIT, Charles R. Dees, Jr., vice president for university advancement, and other NJIT staff – visited class members at their homes. They asked many of the same questions one would hear at a class reunion, and those interviews formed the basis for this virtual anniversary celebration.

(02/01/08:  Virtual Reunion information currently in process of conversion to this new website.)