Class of 1943

Dear Classmate,

Amazing changes have taken place at NCE since we graduated.  Our Alma Mater has grown into a university, NJIT.  There is a striking new campus center, new dorm, a bell tower, and beautiful landscaping with trees and green spaces all over campus.   Eberhardt Hall has been elegantly restored and is now the Eberhardt Hall – NJIT Alumni Center and University Club.

We're trying to keep up with all our classmates and find out what they and their families are doing these days.  With this purpose in mind, we sent out a Reunion Questionnaire to the entire class.  Please complete and return the Questionnaire if you haven't already or if you have an update.

If you'd like to visit campus, contact a classmate, or find out about an NJIT alumni event in your area, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at 973-596-3441 or email:

Best wishes to you all.

The Class of 1943 Committee

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