Class of 1944

A Weekend to Remember

We were told that we did a fine job of representing the “most senior class at the reunion” and we hope it’s true.  We did our best.   Five members of our class were there…Gail Clarke, Bill Guttenberg, Mike Mitchell, Harold Rab, and Ed Wirkowski, and we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

It was truly a euphoric weekend, from the moment we were greeted by smiling students in a golf cart on Friday afternoon to Sunday morning when the last of us were waved off after coffee and bagels.

We were astonished by the campus, from newly restored Eberhardt Hall where we held our kickoff cocktail reception, to the sparkling new Campus Center where we had our dinner dance on Saturday Night.  In between we enjoyed campus tours led by students, two stimulating lectures by NJIT faculty members, a guided bus tour of Newark (including the historical mansion now occupied by our President Bob Altenkirch and his wife, Beth), and a great deal of good eating and drinking.

On Saturday night, the Altenkirchs, whom many of us met and found to be incredibly warm and welcoming, hosted a cocktail reception before dinner.   As soon as we put down our dessert spoons, the band started up in earnest, and some of us did our best to show the young ones what they have to look forward to.