Class of 1958

 Our  55th  REUNION is fast approaching!

Mark you calendars for the weekend of May 17-19, 2013, which we promise will exceed your expectations!

We had a great turnout for our 50th (see below) and hope more classmates will join us in 2013.

Details and reservation information will be mailed in early February '13.

For those who missed our 50th -- check out the photo link below.

The Class of '58 Reunion Committee


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Hi Folks,

Well we did it.  Our 50th Anniversary Reunion was held on June 6th and 7th at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and we had a ball!  In attendance were 36 of our classmates and their spouses, as well as other graduates whose graduation took place in a year ending in 8 or 3, from 1938 (represented by three very lively members) to 2003. 

It was a memorable event.  Most of us had not seen each other for fifty years and there were lots of smiles, laughter and even hugs.  It was good to be together again and to renew old friendships.  True, we had our share of white hair and aches and pains but we had a great time and we sure missed those who could not attend. 

The Institute did a tremendous job in hosting our reunion.  They organized a great program starting with the Friday night reception in Eberthardt Hall, which has undergone a prize-winning historically accurate renovation.

On Saturday we were treated to academic presentations by faculty and a tour of the campus led by well-informed students, who were very impressive in every way.  Getting to know some members of the student crew and swapping “then and now” stories was one of the highlights of the weekend.

Our other meals and dinner/dance were held in the Campus Center, a spectacular two story building containing a ground level dining room with an atrium.   Our humble NCE campus has evolved into a large modern campus that now includes a total of 18 buildings, a parking deck, modern sports facilities, lawns, trees, shrubs and flowers. In our day, we had a total of three buildings which made up NCE. 

You can be justifiably proud of your alma mater; of the quality of the education, the faculty, the facilities, and of the kind of students the university is producing. 

In closing, I want to extend special thanks to the Class Committee who all worked so hard to make sure our reunion was a resounding success.

God willing, we will meet again for our 55th Anniversary Reunion.

Best Wishes,

Bob Gogal

Class of 1958. 

The Class of ’58 Reunion Committee

Bob Gogal CE, Chair
Rich Brooks EE
John Drennan ChemE
Bert Johnson CE
Thad Kobylarz EE
Joe Lessman ME
Gerald Permutt ChemE
Harold Ratzburg CE
Dick Steinert ME
Ernie Vergano