Class of 1961



Maureen Cronin, Carol Rose, Mark Simon and Bob Taylor jump-started our reunion and got us all excited -- and we are so glad they did.  By the time the reunion actually rolled around, “do you remember?” emails were flying in every direction.  We couldn’t wait to see each other.

We were not disappointed.  There’s nothing like seeing an old friend you haven’t seen for 50 years and picking up where you left off as if all those years had not intervened.  It was very special.  And what was also very special was to share with our old classmates what our Alma Mater has become; a beautiful 40 acre campus with up-to-date facilities. 

We toured the campus and had the opportunity to attend a variety of presentations by distinguished faculty.  We talked to students and alumni of all ages; we enjoyed a wine tasting, a presentation by President Altenkirch, and The Alumni Achievement Award Ceremony.

We were very well fed and cared for.  The student crew who ran the reunion couldn’t have been more attentive and helpful, and we loved swapping stories with them.

As day turned to evening and even more of our classmates arrived, we played more “catch-up”, danced to the oldies, and enjoyed the general euphoria.

About 30 people went so far as to stay in the dorms (which had been inspected and passed on in advance by Bob Taylor) and we were glad we did.   They were, as Bob had promised, not fancy, but perfectly acceptable…not to mention very inexpensive and very convenient.

All of us who attended the reunion want to extend our thanks to the ones who made it happen.