NCE Class of 1971


On the weekend of May 20-22, 2011 our class celebrated  its 40th class reunion on the university campus.  We  browsed through art and student exhibits. We toured the campus, part of which sits on the site of the old Club Warren (which was nostalgic for many of us).  We attended stimulating lectures, tasted wines from far off places, and were filled with pride for the accomplishments of the alumni recognized at the Alumni Awards Ceremony.  The Reunion dinner dance under the arches of the Eiffel Tower was a delight.  For some classmates, the experience of staying in a dorm room helped us understand why college is so much fun these days.

Harry Cook, BS ME '71 and MS ME '72 won the 'traveled farthest' recognition, coming from Seward's Folly... the great State of Alaska!

So many changes have taken place on the campus since we graduated. Our old campus has grown to 40 acres and finally includes the Central High School building. There is a multi-level parking deck, a modern student center with several choices of dining venues, air conditioned dorms, a bell tower, a modern athletic center up on Lock Street, and beautifully landscaped green spaces all over campus. The old Eberhardt Hall has been restored to 1880’s elegance and is now the Eberhardt Hall Alumni Center and home of the University Club.

For those of us who hadn't been to campus in a while, it was a lot to take in!

The next few years will fly by and soon it will be time for our 45th Reunion.

Please  plan on joining us in the Spring of 2016.  You won't be disappointed.

In the meantime, visit the Alumni Events page on this site and come to some of the events offered. Remember, you are welcome at any alumni event.

It's a good way to network and meet friends, old and new.

Till we meet again,

The Class of ’71 Reunion Committee