Why stay connected?

At such a busy time in our lives, why make the time to stay connected to our Alma Mater?  Just ask anyone who does. They will tell you that they are connected to a great career network.  NJIT alumni know their fellow graduates are well trained, so when they are looking to hire, the alumni network is often the first place they go to.

They also meet people who share their memories and their experiences.  They make new friends, and bump into old ones. They belong to a community in a time when communities are sometimes hard to come by.

You have an opportunity to be connected no matter where you live.  There are currently twelve Regional Clubs in eight states around the country, not including the Young Alumni Club in New Jersey.  To learn more about alumni regional clubs and programs, go to  If there is no group in your area and you would like to start one, send an email to

Two more important things: 

  • Increasingly, our invitations and announcements go by email, so please make sure we always have your latest email address.  Just send it to the alumni address above.
  • What class do you belong to really?  Some classmates have said that they feel more connected to a class different from their “official” one, usually because they   graduated a  semester or two later than the friends they were at school with.  If you feel that way, please send your “preferred” class affiliation to