Class of 2003

Don't miss opportunities to advance your career.

Many NJIT alumni are leaders in their fields and interested in helping younger alumni.  

As an NJIT Alumnus you have access to a great career network. You are missing an important opportunity if you don’t become a part of it.

If you haven’t already, try coming to an NJIT Alumni event. 

The Alumni Association of NJIT offers a variety of programs, both social and educational where you can have a good time, learn something new, and possibly make an important connection.  Check out activities for NJIT alumni at

There are currently twelve Regional Clubs in eight states around the country, so if you have relocated you still have a chance of reconnecting.  Click on Clubs/Regional Clubs on the Alumni Website.

One really important thing: Make sure we have your email! Our invitations and announcements go mostly by email, so please make sure we always have your latest email address. Just send it, along with your name and class year,

Another important thing:  You can also find the NJIT Alumni Group on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Finally, what class do you really belong to?   Some classmates have said that they feel more connected to a class different from their “official” one because they graduated a later than their friends.  If you feel that way, please send your “preferred” class affiliation to

Class of 2003

February 28, 2012
If there is life on Mars, the engineering work of Lee Carlson could help uncover it.Carlson, a systems engineer for Honeybee Robotics, has built robotic mechanisms for several NASA missions to... read more!