Class of 2006


Use ALL Your Assets!

As an NJIT Alumnus and member of the Class of 2006, you have access to a great career network.  Many NJIT alumni are leaders in their fields and interested in helping younger alumni.

NJIT events present you with a great opportunity to make important connections. Some of our events are just plain fun, where you may bump into old friends or make new ones. We also have a LinkedIn job network and are on Facebook.

There are currently twelve Regional Clubs in eight states around the country. If you are in New Jersey, you should definitely check out the doings of our very active Young Alumni Club at To learn more about regional programs, go to

Two more important things: 

  • Increasingly, our invitations and announcements go by email, so please make sure we always have your latest email address. Just send it to the alumni address above.
  • What class do you belong to really? Some classmates have said that they feel more connected to a class different from their “official” one, usually because they graduated a semester or two later than the friends they were at school with. If you feel that way, please send your “preferred” class affiliation to

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February 3, 2009
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