Class of 2007


Gee, too bad we didn’t have any fun at our 5th reunion on NJIT Alumni Weekend.

To see more photos of us not having any fun, CLICK HERE and check out the “After Party” and the “Dinner, Dancing and Mayhem” sections.  

Those of us who came for the festivities on May 19th had a wonderful time.  It was a great party with terrific food, great music, and tons of energy.

Besides having fun, we learned that our alma mater still has a lot to give us.  One of the values we received with our diploma was an opportunity to connect with other alumni who are successful in their (our) fields.  It was a great evening for networking as well as for partying.  And it turns out our older alumni really know how to do both!

We will be invited to this event every year, whether it's a class anniversary year for us or not. We strongly advise you not to miss it. 

There are also other opportunities to stay connected, and in this job market, you can’t afford not to.  Go to and look at the kinds of events that are available to you.  Look especially at the Young Alumni Club if you live anywhere near Newark; check out the regional clubs if you don’t. 

By the way…Some alumni have said that they feel more connected to a class different from their “official” one, usually because they graduated a semester or two later than the friends they were at school with. If you or any of your friends feel that way, please send an email to and let us know what your “preferred” class is.

The next Saturday@ Alumni Weekend is May 17th, 2014.  Mark your calendar and prepare to have a great time.

See you then.

Sakinah Hofler ‘07

Jariah Baker ‘07

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