Group Savings - Insurance for Alumni

NJIT Alumni Insurance Program

Insurance with You in Mind

Feel like you're spending more money for fewer benefits lately? We'd like to help you find a better deal.

Alumni Benefits through the Alumni Association of New Jersey Institute of Technology can be a supplement, and sometimes even an alternative, to employer benefits. Our benefits can cover you if you work for yourself, a small company or a large corporation.

Alumni Benefits can offer an affordable option for the self-employed or for those looking to fill the gaps in an employer benefits program.

To explore all available plan options and enrollment information, visit Marsh’s personal plan webpage or call (888) 560-ALUM (2586).

Liberty Mutual offers NJIT alumni, Group Savings Plus, a program that provides a savings of up to 10% on auto and homeowners insurance.  For information about rates and local services, call 1-800-524-9400 and mention Special Invitation Number 114432

Our offerings include: