Payment Plans

New Jersey Institute of Technology offers the option to make semester tuition payments on a monthly basis by enrolling in a NJIT Payment Plan.  The NJIT Payment Plan allows you to break down your education expenses into manageable installments, rather than one lump-sum payment.  With a NJIT Payment Plan you can:

• Spread your payments over a period of months, interest free

• Borrow less – save interest by using current income and savings to make monthly installment payments

• Receive real time e-mail notifications about account adjustments.  Account adjustments may include:


Charges – enrolling in housing, adding a meal plan, adding a course.  (Note: charges will be evenly distributed among calculated installments)

Payments – cash, credit card, check, eCheck or money order may be applied to future payments (Note: payments received will determine any possible adjustments to calculated installments)

Credits – Financial aid, scholarships, grants and waivers will be credited to your account prior to the calculation of payments, and the balance will be evenly distributed amongst the calculated installments.