Bursar's Office FAQ

Please review these Frequently Asked Questions before contacting the Bursar's Office.

I have questions about my Financial Aid.

  • Financial Aid questions should be directed to the Finanical Aid office.  Contact information for the Financial Aid Office.

I have questions about my Registration.

  • Questions regarding registration activities should be direct to the Registrar's office.  

How much is the Tuition?

  • The current tuition and fee rates for undergraduate and graduate students can be found HERE.

What types of payment do you accept?

  • NJIT accepts Cash and Check/Money Order at the Bursar's Office, Check/Money order via mail, or Credit Cards through MyNJIT

How do I pay my bill?

How do I log into MyNJIT account?

  • MyNJIT  Account > Student Services > Bursar's Office > Student Account and Payment Portal > Continue

What happens if I do not pay my bill by the due date?

  • Student will be subject to $500 Payment Penalty Fee. 

I am an International Student can I send money through a Wire Transfer?

I forgot my NJIT password, what do I do?

Do I have to pay my bill all at once? 

  • Payment Plans are available each semester.  Please review the current options for Payment Plans. 

My employeer is paying for my tuition, what do I have to do? 

Why am I being charged resident tuition when I don’t live on campus?

  • Residency Status is linked to the Tuition and Fee charges
  • Resident = Resident of New Jersey
  • Non-Resident = Resident in a state other than New Jeresey
  • International = Resident of another country.

Can I pay my bill over the phone?

  • Unfortunately NJIT does not accept payment over the telephone, but please see all the other available Payment Options.

If I make a partial payment, will I still be charged a late fee?

Can my refund be sent through direct deposit?  Can I pick up the check in person?

  • All refund checks are mailed to the student address on file in their MyNJIT account.  Checks may not be picked up.

What is the university fee?  Why am I charged a university fee as an online student?

  • The purpose of this fee is to continue to help support a portion of the costs associated with an array of varied, but integral services and projects that directly affect our students.  All students are charged the University Fee.

Can you remove my hold so I can register even though I owe a balance?

  • NJIT Policy is that all students must be paid in full to have a hold removed.

I made a mistake paying online.  Can you cancel my payment?

  • NJIT can not stop or reverse a payment.  You may do so with your bank, however you will be subject to the $30 returned payment fee.

Can you remove my late registration fee? 

  • No, late registration fees may not be removed.  You may contest it by filling out a hardship request form.

Can I have 100% refund even though I dropped the class after the 100%refund period ended? 

  • Refunds are based upon the academic calendar, please contact the Registrar's office.

 I dropped in the 80% refund period.  Why am I being charged the fees?

  • Refunds are based upon the academic calendar.  Fees are not refunded after the 100% refund period.

I never made a payment and I never attended the class.  Why am I still being billed?

  • Students are responsible for all courses registered for and not dropped.  You may contact the Registrars Office and/or complete a hardship appeal.

I never used the student health insurance.  Can I get a refund for it?

  • No, refunds on health insurance are not issued.

Can you print an official copy of my 1098T?

I’m on a payment plan.  Why do I have a bursar hold on my account?

  • All accounts with balances are placed on AR-Accounts Receivable hold after the 100% period.

Can my hold be removed so I can access my grades temporarily?

I started a payment plan, then dropped my classes during the 100% refund period.  Can you refund me the payment plan fee?

  • Payment Plan fees are non-refundable.

Where is my refund? 

What is the difference between partial and full withdrawal and How does that affects the amount of tuition refunded.

  • Full withdraw is when you withdraw from ALL of  your courses
  • Partial withdraw is when you withdraw from SOME of your courses.
  • Check the Registrar Academic Calendar for refund informaiton.