All questions regarding 1098T should be directed to 1098t@njit.edu.  A specialized team will answer respond to all emails within three business days in the order in which they were received.  Please do not call regarding 1098T as all responses will only be completed via email.


For detailed information on the 1098-T please view the  Explanation of IRS Form 1098.pdf 

  • 1098T tax forms for the previous calendar year will be available electronically on Banner Student Self Service as of January 31st. This form informs taxpayers like yourself whether you are eligible for an American Opportunity Credit or a Lifetime Learning Credit when you or your family files taxes. The amount of the tax credit you may receive is as high as $2,500 for the American Opportunity Credit and $2,000 for the Lifetime Learning Credit, if you qualify according to IRS guidelines. For further details, please go to www.irs.gov or consult with your tax accountant.

1098-T 's are available electronically on Banner Student Self-Service.

  • In order to access your 1098-T, you will need to login to Highlander Pipeline at www.njit.edu/cp/login.php
  • You will need your UCID and password.  
  • If the social security number is blank it is because you did not provide a social security number to NJIT.
    • In order to have a 1098-T generated with your social security number please complete a W-9s form, submit the form to the Registrar's office
    • Email 1098T@njit.edu notifying us you updated/changed your SSN and provide your full name and 8 Digit student ID.
    • Changes/additions of social security number for application to the 1098-T must be submitted to the Registrar's office no later than February 5th of the current year. 
  • If the address is blank, you did not provide an updated address.  Please update the address in Self Service and email 1098T@njit.edu notifying us you updated/changed your Address. Provide your full name and 8 Digit student ID.

HOW TO VIEW YOUR 1098-T-log into Banner Self Service

  •  Click on Student Services Tab
  • Under Online Resources click on Banner Self Service
  • Click on the Student Tab
  • Click on Student Account link
  • Click on Tax Notification link
  •  Enter Tax Year: 201X
  • The 1098-T will then display -
    • if you need to print a copy, please right click anywhere on the page - a dialogue box will appear with the option to print.