Campus Notifications


To:  NJIT Students, Faculty, and Staff
From: Robert Gjini, Director of Security Systems
Date:  Tuesday, December 18, 2007
RE:  Enroll in NJIT Campus-Wide Notification System

You are invited to enroll in NJIT’s “Campus-Wide Notification System”.  This new system has been designed to strengthen the university’s capacity to communicate emergency information as quickly as possible to the University Community. 

Within the Campus-Wide Notification System, you have the option of registering a telephone number for a personal mobile device (e.g. cell phone, PDA) to which a “text message” can be sent; up to two other telephone numbers to which a voice message can be delivered (other than an NJIT phone number); or an alternate e-mail address (other than the NJIT email address).  These multiple modes of communication will be used in the event NJIT determines members of the university community should be provided with urgent information.  Messages will be as brief as warranted and may direct recipients to the NJIT website for additional information. 

We will be collecting device data during an initial enrollment period. It is anticipated that the system will be ready to deliver notifications by the start of the 2008 Spring semester.  During the enrollment period, there may be “tests” conducted to assure that the system is working as planned.  You will be notified in advance of any test with an e-mail to your NJIT e-mail address.  Once operational, the system will be tested once per semester and you will receive advance e-mail notification of such tests.  Other than this testing, the Campus-Wide Notification System will only be used for emergency situations such as delayed openings or school closings caused by the weather, or potential threats to the safety of the university community.

Students, faculty and staff can register with the Campus-wide Notification System as follows:

  1. Go to the Highlander Pipeline at
  2. Log into pipeline using your current UCID and password.
  3. On the My Pipeline tab, go to the Campus-Wide Notification System channel to see more information on the system.
  4. Follow the “Register Devices” link.
  5. Select the “Device Manager” icon to add, remove and modify a text message device, up to 2 telephone numbers for voice message (other than NJIT phones ) and an additional e-mail address (you are automatically enrolled with your email account).
  6. Note the “Subscription Details” icon allows you to opt-in or opt-out of the system.  By default, you will be “opted in”.  If you opt-out of this system you will still receive messages via other means (broadcast emails, bulletins on the NJIT website and local media).

All information provided for campus-wide notifications will be maintained on a confidential basis, not shared with other university offices, and not shared with third-parties, except when responding to an emergency.  Campus-wide notifications will only be initiated by the Department of Public Safety. 

The Campus-Wide Notification System is designed to complement other communication channels such as broadcast e-mails, bulletins on the NJIT website, and local media.

Please note that students, faculty, and staff are receiving this invitation to enroll in the Campus-Wide Notification System on a rolling basis.  Further arrangements will be made for personnel for whom UCID accounts are not yet established.  For additional information, visit  Questions can also be e-mailed to