Campus Notifications


To:       University Community
From:   Henry A. Mauermeyer
Date:    Friday, January 18, 2008
RE:       Updates - Campus-Wide Notification System

I am pleased to announce that NJIT has successfully installed a Campus-Wide Notification System. In addition to your NJIT email address, which will automatically receive a notification, the system is designed to permit members of the NJIT community to register devices to receive text messages, voice phone calls and emails to additional email accounts. Notices were sent to all members of the University Community with instructions as to how to add the additional contact information. If you have not done so already, you are urged to complete the registration. This will permit the more complete use of the system’s capabilities which include text and voice notification to the campus community in the event of an emergency (including closings due to inclement weather). More information can be found at . You may register using the how-to instructions on thi! s site or by going directly to Highlander Pipeline (click on the “Register Devices” link in the Campus-Wide Notification System box of the “my-pipeline” tab).

The NJIT “Incident Response Protocols” and “Catastrophe Response Protocols” are posted on the Public Safety website and provide information with respect to the Department of Public Safety guidelines for responding to emergencies should they occur. The “Unscheduled Closing Procedures” (“Snow-Closing Memo”), which is used in the event adverse weather or other conditions dictate closing of the campus, are also posted on this site.

The New Jersey Campus Security Task Force Report, October 2007, submitted to Governor Corzine by a statewide task force, makes recommendations in order to improve safety and security at New Jersey’s colleges and universities. NJIT has taken steps to implement those recommendations that are not already in place. The Report may be viewed from the Pubic Safety website or directly at