Campus Notifications


From time to time, NJIT will test the CWNS.  We will announce the test a week or so prior.  Such announcements typically take the form of:


To:        NJIT Students, Faculty and Staff

From:    Director of Security Systems

Date:     _______________

RE:       Test of the Campus-Wide Notification System

NJIT students, faculty and staff are encouraged to enroll in the "Campus-Wide Notification System" (CWNS).  This system allows the Department of Public Safety to communicate campus-wide emergency information (including closings due to inclement weather) to the University Community via text message, phone and email.

If you have not yet enrolled, please take this opportunity to do so.  Information on CWNS and the enrollment process is available at

We have scheduled a TEST message to be sent by the system on _________________.  At that time, the following TEST message will be sent to all registered devices:

From:        NJIT Department of Public Safety
Subject:    NJIT Test CWNS Message
Message:  DDD, M/D/YY. This is a test of the NJIT campus wide notification system. This is only a test.

Results of the test will be automatically generated by the system's reporting module.  There is no need for University members to contact us to report results.  If you have questions or concerns about the test or CWNS in general, please send an email to

Thank you.