To enroll in the Campus Wide Notification System:

  1. Go to the Highlander Pipeline at

  2. Log into pipeline using your current UCID and password.

  3. On the My Pipeline tab, go to the Campus-Wide Notification System channel to find information about the system.

  4. Follow the “Register Devices” link.

  5. Select the “Device Manager” icon to add, remove and modify a text message device, up to 2 telephone numbers for voice message (other than NJIT phones ) and an additional e-mail address (you are automatically enrolled with your e-mail account).

    Check the "Test this device" box before clicking "next" to test each device as you add or modify them.

  6. Note the “Subscription Details” icon allows you to opt-in or opt-out of the system.  By default, you will be “opted in”.  If you opt-out of this system you will still receive messages via other means (broadcast emails, bulletins, NJIT website postings across campus and local media).

For more information send an E-mail to or contact the Security Systems Department at 973-642-7190.