For Students

To create an account in the Campus Wide Notification System (CWNS) you must be registered for a course in order to be eligible.  

  1. Create/Log-in to your account.
  2. You will first need to Register with your UCID and NJIT ID.  STUDENTS can find their NJIT ID on their academic transcript.
  3. After authenticating you are a valid NJIT member, you will be asked to select a username and password for the system.  Use your UCID as the username.
  4. Click the Contact Information tab to verify/add your contact points.
  5. Enter your Personal Cell number and select if you want this number to be called and/or texted for notifications.
  6. You can enter two additional voice numbers to be dialed.
  7. The Cascade Order sends calls to recipient phones in a set order, rather than simultaneously. Once a recipient answers, Send Word Now does not call any of the recipient’s additional phones.  This option is only used for non-emergency notifications.  All campus emergencies will call all numbers listed.
  8. Check the "Test It Now!" box before clicking "next" to test each device as you add or modify them.
  9. Your email address is automatically used to receive notifications.  You may enter in a non-NJIT email address to receive notifications at a secondary location.
  10. The My Subscriptions tab lists any additional, non-emergency notifications you would like to receive from NJIT.
  11. Click Submit to save your information.

For more information send an E-mail to