Engineering Technology-Surverying Engineering Technology

A surveyor is a professional person with the academic qualifications and technical expertise to practice the science of measurement; to assemble and assess land and geographic related information; to use that information for the purpose of planning and implementing the efficient administration of the land, the sea and structures thereon; and to instigate the advancement and development of such practices. 

Related Career Titles for Surveying Engineering Technology

  • Government Surveyors
  • Engineering Consultants
  • Private Surveyor
  • Land Surveyor
  • Survey Crew Chief
  • Mapping Technician
  • Zoning Plans Examiner
  • Software Consultant
  • Survey Technician
  • Survey Engineer
  • Instrument Operator
  • Field Surveyor
  • Survey Computers
  • GPS Survey Technician
  • Project Surveyor
  • Project Manager
  • Military Official
  • CAD Technician
  • Survey Party Chief
  • Topographic Surveyor
  • Surveying Manager
  • Technical Writer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Non-technical Sales
  • Manager of Information Systems
  • Management Trainee
  • Technical Educator or Trainer
  • College and University Professor
  • High School Teacher
  • Public Accountant
  • Private Accountant
  • Banker
  • High School Teachers
  • College and University Professor

Industries That Hire Surveying Engineering Technology Majors

  • Building, Developing, & General Contracting Services
  • Communication Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component Manufacturing.
  • Engineering Services
  • Federal Government
  • State and Local Governments
  • Mining
  • Petroleum & Coal Product Manufacturers
  • Military Services
  • Real Estate
  • Scientific Research & Development Services.
  • Transportation Services
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Ocean and Marine Sciences
  • Consulting Companies
  • Waste Management Services
  • Computer Companies
  • Mapping Services
  • Construction Companies
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  • High Schools
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Banks
  • Utilities
  • Wood Products
  • Environmental Services
  • FEMA

Web Sites For Surveying Engineering Technology Majors


Resources in the Career Resource Center


  • VGM’s Handbook of Scientific & Technical Careers
  • Career Advancement and Survival for Engineers
  • The Career Connection II
  • Careers in Science and Engineering
  • Job Opportunities in Engineering and Technology ’94
  • Job Opportunities in Business ’94
  • Career Information Center: Engineering, Science, and Technology
  • Career Information Center: Manufacturing
  • Career Information Center: Employment Trends and Master Index
  • IEEE Marketing for Engineers
  • IEEE Writing for Career Growth
  • IEEE Presentations that Work
  • IEEE Building Internal Team Partnerships
  • IEEE Teaching on TV and Video
  • IEEE Starting a High Tech Company
  • IEEE High Tech Creativity
  • IEEE Working in a Global Environment
  • Job Opportunities in Business ’95
  • Job Opportunities in Engineering and Technology ’95
  • Job Opportunities in The Environment ’95
  • Environmental Jobs for Scientists and Engineers
  • The Complete Guide for Occupational Exploration
  • The O*Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles


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Interns of NJIT


Download Step 2 Application Form here

Hiring International Students

NJIT enrolls a large number of International Students in M.S. degree programs, most of whom are studying in the United States on an F-1 visa.  An F-1 visa allows students to study in the U.S. and work in positions that complement their studies.  

Benefits of Hiring NJIT International Students:

  • International students bring a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise, often stemming from work experiences in their home country.
  • Students working in STEM disciplines can work full-time for up to 3 years with no cost or promise of sponsorship from the employer.
  • In addition to often speaking multiple languages, our international students have strong English communication skills
  • International students bring a unique global perspective to your workplace, understanding multiple work cultures and ways of doing business in international markets
  • Candidates will come to you fully able to complete the I-9 form.  CPT and OPT work authorization will be handled by the student and NJIT in advance.
  • This 3 year OPT period can be seen as a trial period for full-time employees, with sponsorship provided to top performers who have proven their value.
  • By studying in the US, international students have proven they are willing to take risks and are able to adapt to new environments and challenges.

Hiring International Students as Interns:

After the completion of two semesters, NJIT students are eligible to work off-campus in internship or co-op assignments through Curricular Practice Training (CPT).  Students will register their CPT work assignments under the NJIT co-op program and receive work authorization in the form of an I-20.  Co-op work assignments for International Students must fall into the following semester cycles:

  • Summer: May or June - August
  • Fall: September - December
  • Spring: January - May

Please see more information on NJIT’s Co-op Program and Curricular Practical Training (CPT).

Hiring International Students after Graduation:

At the completion of their NJIT degree, F-1 visa students are eligible to work under Optional Practical Training (OPT) in positions related to their area of study.  Arrangements for OPT are made prior to graduation by the student in conjunction with our Global Initiatives office.  The initial OPT period runs for 12 months and provides student with work authorization in the form of an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).  Those working in STEM disciplines have the option of extending the OPT period for an additional 24 months. 

At the conclusion of the OPT period, the employer has the option to sponsor the student for their H1-B visa through the lottery process.

Please see more information on Optional Practical Training (OPT) and the H-1B Lottery Process.


RPP Awards Event

NJIT Career Development  Services
To Recognize 2016 Top Employers 
 Tuesday, April 11th

We are pleased to celebrate our employer’s hiring successes and on-campus involvement.
Join us when we honor our Recruitment Partners, and learn about best practices to engage and recruit NJIT interns, co-ops, and graduates!
You will also have an opportunity to network with student leaders, faculty, and staff.
If you will attend, please respond to this link.
Thank you for your continuing partnership with NJIT.

NJIT Career Development Services Staff
New Jersey Institute of Technology

To Report Employment

Please use appropriate form below to report employment or Graduate School:

1. NJIT Class of 2016 Follow-up Survey (August 2015, January 2016 and May 2016 Graduates) 

2. NJIT Class of 2017 Post Graduation Plans (August 2016, January 2017 and May 2017 Graduates)


Career Fair Navigator ( CFN)

The Career Fair Navigator(CFN), a mobile friendly application that allows you to quickly search, locate employers at the fair based on your major(s), position type(s), and receive real time notifications and updates using your smart phone (no download is needed).  Visit to start using today, and enhance your career fair experience!

Career Fair Navigator's Features:

  • SEARCH EMPLOYERS- view a list of all employers; also allows you to select employers by major and position type ​
  • PREP- register for the career fair, view a list of workshops and participating companies, how to check in at the gym on career fair day, points to keep in mind
  • ANNOUNCEMENTS- where changes will be posted about companies who have canceled or been added
  • EVENTS- view a list of career fair preparation events​
  • MAPS- access maps of the Gym and Tennis Center; you can create customized maps of employers you wish to visit by using the Search Employers function
  • HELP- use these FAQs to answer questions about how to use this new tool




To get maximum use from the Career Fair Navigator, we strongly encourage you to become familiar with it before the Career Fair. Practice by selecting companies, going to their web sites, and creating personal maps for yourself. After you have practiced using CFN on your own, if you still have questions, you can contact Marcelle Jackson at 973.596.3273 or



Experiential Learning

Cooperative education, internships, and service learning offer NJIT students a means to put into professional practice the knowledge they have gained in the classroom.  Besides hands-on learning and credentials for the resume, experiential education offers another advantage: employers increasingly only seek full time employees who have previous major-related work experience, with their own or another company. Students have the option of working locally, in the metro NJ/NY area, or across the nation.  Begin early to identify opportunities for the spring and next summer by using your CDSlink account. We are always here to help you with your resume and interviewing skills.  Contact your career advisor for job search questions or assistance.

Statistics and Actuarial Science

Statistics deals with techniques for collecting and analyzing numerical data for the purpose of solving real-life problems. Statistical techniques are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, engineering, education, political science, medicine and many other areas. Actuarial science is concerned with the application of mathematical probability to the design of financially sound insurance and pension programs.





Related Career Titles for Statistics and Actuarial Science

Financial Analyst


Actuarial Analyst



Management Trainee





Stock Broker

Claims Representative


Research Scientist

 Account Manager

Opinion Research Specialist


Data Analyst

Research Engineer


College/University Professor

High School Teacher

Technical Writer

Numerical Analyst

Project Manager

Business Development Manager

Marketing Analyst





Industries That Hire Statistics and Actuarial Science Majors

Pharmaceutical Companies

Insurance Firms

Engineering Firms

Federal Government

Local Government

Legal Services

Social Services


Human Resources Departments


Communication Services

Consulting Services

Financial Services (Securities, Commodity Contracts, & Other Financial Investments)

Transportation Equipment

Transportation Equipment Companies

Waste Management & Remediation Services


Advertising Agencies

Building and Construction Companies


Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, & Payroll

Computer and Electronic Products Companies

Computer Systems Design/Computer Consulting

Employment Services

Federal Government

State and Local Government

Publishing (Newspaper, Periodical, Book, & Data Base Publishers)

Real Estate

Religious, Grant writing, Civic, Professional, & Similar Organizations

Scientific Research & Development Services

Transportation Services





Web Sites for Statistics and Actuarial Science Majors


Actuarial Career Information


The Actuarial Foundation


The American Academy of Actuaries


American Statistical Association



Resources in the Career Resource Center




  • VGM’s Handbook of Scientific and Technical Careers
  • Job Opportunities in Health Care ’94
  • Careers In Science and Engineering
  • Job Opportunities in Business ’94
  • Career Information Center: Administration, Business, and Office
  • Career Information Center: Engineering, Science, and Technology
  • Career Information Center: Marketing and Distribution
  • Career Information Center: Transportation
  • Career Information Center: Employment Trends and Master Index
  • Green At Work
  • Job Opportunities in Business ’95
  • Job Opportunities in Engineering and Technology ’95
  • Job Opportunities in Health Care ’95
  • The Complete Guide to Occupational Exploration
  • The Princeton Review Guide To Your Career 1997
  • The O*Net Dictionary of Occupational Titles



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