What Can I Do Green With a Major In?

  • Environmental Policy Studies
  • Environmental Science
  • STS

Students within Environmental Policy Studies, Environmental Science, and STS majors can focus on the role of the earth and social sciences in the development, implementation and evaluation of environmental policy.  Students have a well-rounded background in science as it relates to the environment. Those interested in policy can pursue careers such as Public Outreach Specialist for environmental organizations, Environmental Journalist, Environmental Program Administrator, and Conservation Associate.  For students more focused within science, fields can include climate change, clean energy, air quality, marine science, and water quality management.   

Green careers can be found within each of these job titles:

Air Quality Scientist Grant Writer and Fundraiser for Environmental Causes
Campaign Coordinator Hydrologist
Clean Energy Coordinator Marine Scientist
Climate Change Analyst Naturalist
Communications Specialist Non-Profit Director
Community Affairs Manager Outdoor Recreation Instructor
Conservation/Environmental Associate Policy Specialist
Ecology Educator Project Planner/Coordinator
Energy Policy Research Associate Public Land Manager
Environmental Consultant Public Outreach Specialist
Environmental Economist Regulatory Compliance Specialist
Environmental Impact Assessment Preparer

Renewable Development Coordinator

Environmental Journalist River Ecologist
Environmental Lawyer

Site Remediation Professional

Environmental Program Administrator Sustainable Development Analyst
Environmental Scientist Waste Manager
Fish and Wildlife Manager Water Quality Manager
GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Manager Wetlands Policy Specialist
Government Relations Specialist Wetlands Scientist

Green jobs can be found within the following industries:

Advocacy, Grant making, and Civic Organizations Solid Waste Management Facilities
Building and Construction Companies Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
Land Conservation Facilities Environmental Protection Agency
Parks and Outdoor Recreation Federal and State Government
Environmental Education Centers Transportation Services
Air Quality Management Facilities Utilities
Recycling Centers Water Conservation Facilities
Research Institutes Water Quality Management
Environmental Non-Profit Organizations Communication Companies

Green Internet Resources:

Environmental Studies Program   From the College of St. Benedict at St. John’s University, this link provides a starting point to a list of environmental agencies and organizations. 

Eco Jobs  Lists many environmental jobs and provides advocacy news and other resources.

Environmental Career Center   This site provides information and job postings for working in the environmental field

Cyber-Sierra   Cyber-Sierra's NATURAL RESOURCES JOB SEARCH.  This board lists job opportunities in conservation occupations through multiple links to associations and other job boards.

Eco Employ   Covers environmental employment in the USA and Canada, including natural, green and science listings.

Green Careers Guide   Site offers green career categories with job descriptions, training required, training programs by state, and job listings. It also gives job search advice provided by careerbuilder.com.




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