What Can I Do With a Major In?

  • Bioinformatics

  • Business & Information Systems

  • Biomedical Informatics

  • Computer Science

  • Information Systems

  • Human Computer Interaction

  • Information Technology

    Students within the Ying Wu College of Computing Sciences can apply many of their skills and academic courses to green careers. Students interested in programming work to create software that helps to compute and manage energy consumption.  A growing field and industry within the computing arena is the development of green data centers where data servers can be stored in an environmentally friendly facility that uses less energy and helps with carbon emissions.  In addition, most environmental organizations require students with a high-tech computer background to help run systems, design graphics, manage databases, and create websites.  Students who focus on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Informatics can work in areas such biological data modeling and plant bioinformatics.  

Related Green Careers:

Bioinformatics Analyst Information Architect
Bioinformatics Engineer IT Hardware/Network Technician
Biometrician/Biostatistician IT Manager
Carbon Emissions and Energy Usage Analyst Modeling and Simulation – Green Energy
Corporate Climate Strategist Network Engineer
Database Application Specialist Open Source Developer – Green Initiatives
Energy Efficient Computer Systems Engineer Operations Research Analyst
Energy Management Software Developer Plant Bioinformatics Analyst
Environmental Data Management Support Analyst Remote Database Administrator
Environmental Modeling and Simulation Research Statistician
Environmental Technologist Software Developer
Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst Supply Chain Manager
Graphic Designer Systems Engineer
Green Computing Developer Systems Programmer
Green Computing Service Technician Technical Standards Manager
Green Data Center Technician Technical Support Engineer – Environmental/Green Companies
Green Robotics Programmer Web Application Developer
Industrial Production Managers Web Master


Industries That Hire:

Biotechnology State Government
Colleges and Universities Federal Government
Computer Firms Scientific Research and Development Services
Computer Software Developers Utilities
Oil Companies Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
Energy Machinery Manufacturing
Consulting Firms Pharmaceutical and Medicine Manufacturing
Laboratories Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
Engineering Services Scientific Research & Development Services
Advocacy, Grant making, and Civic Organizations  


Web sites:

Climate Savers Computing   A site/organization dedicated to slowing climate change, one computer at a time.

Greener Computing   A website focusing on resources for environmentally responsible computing.

Greenbiz   This site connects to the business operations section of greenbiz.com.  It examines the latest news on companies that are integrating sustainable principles into their business and operations.

Re-nourish   A green website for the graphic design industry.

Sustainability   Hosted by the AIGA, the Association for Design, this site has information for the Center for Sustainable Design.

Wikipedia   The Wikipedia page for the new field of Biologically Inspired Computing includes research, trends, and resources for this field.

Green Careers Guide   Site offers green career categories with job descriptions, training required, training programs by state, and job listings. It also gives job search advice provided by careerbuilder.com.


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