Computer Science

Computer Science as an academic major introduces students to a rigorous, conceptual, and  comprehensive program that aims to develop analytical skills and attitudes for its effective application in a variety of career fields. Computer Science provides the fundamentals for creating and programming systems, understanding various computer languages, and the role that computers play in today’s changing environment. Computer Science graduates pursue careers in the development of software applications and operating systems and in the design and management of databases.


Related Career Titles for Computer Science


Aerospace Engineer

Air Traffic Controller

Applied Science Technologist

Artificial Intelligence Developer


Benefits Administrator


College/University Professor

Computer Consultant

Computer Engineer

Computer Installation Specialist

Contract Administrator

Cost Estimator

Credit Manager


Data Control Administrator

Data Processing Manager

Database Manager



E-Commerce Project Manager


EDP Auditor

Employee Relations Specialist


Engineering Lab Technician

Environmental Technologist

External Auditor

Graphic Designer

Hardware Engineer

Help Desk Support

Inventory Control Specialist

Investment Banker

ISO 2000 Specialist

Manager of Information Systems

Market Research Analyst

Math Teacher


Media Buyer


Mortgage Researcher

Network Administrator

Network Programmer

Numerical Analyst

Operations Research Analyst

Oracle Professional


Pollution Meteorologist

Production Manager

Project Manager

Production Support Specialist


Quality Assurance Engineer

Real Estate Planner

Research Analyst

Risk Analyst

Robotics Programmer

Satellite Specialist

Software Developer

Software Engineer

Software Support Specialist


Systems Analyst

Systems Engineer

Systems Programmer

Technical Recruiter

Technical Salesperson

Technical Support Representative

Technical Writer

Web Master

Windows Developer

UNIX Administrator

Industries That Hire Computer Science Majors


U.S. Dept. of Treasury

Computer Firms

Computer Software Developers

Oil Companies

Consulting Firms

Insurance Companies



Television Studios

Travel Agencies

U.S. Dept. of Defense

Architecture Firms


NASA Think Tanks

Food Services and Hospitality

Accounting Firms

Engineering Services


Insurance Companies

Investigation & Security Services

Medical Equipment & Supplies

Museums, Historical Sites, & Similar Institutions

Plastics & Rubber Products Companies

Printing & Related Support Activities

Real Estate

Scientific Research & Development Services

Transportation Services

Transportation Equipment Companies


Advertising Companies

Communication Services

Consulting Services

High Schools

Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component Manufacturing Companies

Financial Services


Web Sites For Computer Science Majors

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Computer Research Association

IEEE Computer Society



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