Power your Passion for a Bright Future

Today’s employees are expected to assume greater responsibility for developing their own careers.

This includes ensuring that the goal of career development transcends job acquisition and more broadly focuses on attaining the knowledge, skills and experience required to be a relevant 21st century employee. It also assumes that valued employees have a firm understanding of organizational needs and that maintaining relevant skills requires continuous learning and skills improvement.

It is our goal to ensure that NJIT graduates are well prepared to attain employment and to begin successful careers. Career development can no longer be considered a supplemental afterthought, but rather, it must be an integrated component of each student’s overall academic experience. Career Development Services (CDS) works with assisting NJIT students and alumni in becoming more career-ready emerging professionals.

We look forward to helping all NJIT students gain the skills, qualifications, and experiences that are needed to secure and succeed in a career in an ever changing, challenging, and competitive technological world. We can help you "Power Your Passion!"