An Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology degree prepares the student for a wide variety of careers, such as system designer, system verification engineer, networks and telecommunications specialist, hardware or software engineer, system analyst, clinical engineer, and biomedical technician. Students may concentrate their studies in computer systems, communications, or biomedical electronics. However, graduates do not necessarily take jobs within their concentrations.


Related Career Titles for Electrical And Computer Engineering Technology

Biomedical Electrician

Biomedical Technician

College and University Professor

Communications Analyst

Computer Programmer

Computer Systems Analyst

Construction/Design Engineer

Customer Service Representative

Environmental Engineer

Field Engineer

Hardware Engineer

High School Teacher

Manager of Information Systems

Management Trainee

Manufacturing Engineer

Network Administrator

Non-technical Salesperson

Power Systems Engineer

Quality Control Engineer

Software Engineer

System Designer

Systems Engineer

System Verification Engineer

Testing Engineer

Technical Writer

Telecommunications Specialist

Industries That Hire Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Majors

Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component Manufacturing Companies

Computer Companies

Engineering Services

Telecommunication Companies

Graphic Arts Companies

Environmental Organizations

Television Studios

Insurance Companies

Aerospace Product Companies

Building, Developing, & General Contractors

Chemical Companies

Transportation Equipment Companies


Waste Management & Remediation Services

High Schools

Banks/Accounting Firms

Public Relations Firms


Federal Government

US Department of Defense

Scientific Research & Development Services

Investigation & Security Services

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Colleges and Universities

Petroleum Industry

Consulting Services 


Web Sites For Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Majors

The Technology Interface

NICET Online: National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies




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