The Master of Science in Environmental Policy Studies focuses on the role of the earth and social sciences in the development, implementation and evaluation of environmental policy. Graduates of the program have secured employment in both the public and private sectors including: US Environmental Protection Agency, regional planning commissions, local community development programs, private engineering and planning firms, and software development corporations.


Related Career Titles for Environmental Policy Studies

Air Quality Manager

Air Quality Planner

Aquatic Ecologist

Aviation Planner

Building Inspector

College and University Professor

Community Affairs Manager

Conservation Planner

Data Manager



Ecosystem Restoration Expert

Environmental Advocate

Environmental Journalist

Environmental Planner

Environmental Specialist

Fish and Wildlife Manager


Forest Manager

Fund Raiser/Non-Profit Director

Hazardous Waste Manager

High School Teacher



Land and Water Conservationist


Natural Resource Manager

Neighborhood Planner

Recycling Coordinator

Risk Assessment Specialist

Safety and Health Manager

Solid Waste Manager

Transportation Planner

Urban Planner

Water Resources Planner


Industries That Hire Environmental Policy Studies Majors

Parks and Outdoor Recreation

High Schools

Colleges and Universities

Environmental Education Centers

Air Quality Management Facilities

Water Quality Management

Communication Companies

Solid Waste Management Facilities

Law Offices

Forest Conservation Centers

Environmental Protection Agency

Land Conservation Facilities

 Water Conservation Facilities

Publishing Companies

Hazardous Waste Management Facilities

Recycling Centers

Urban Planning Centers

Broadcast Media

Federal Government

State and Local Government

Transportation Services

Wilderness Protection Services

Consulting Firms

Building and Construction Companies


Web Sites For Environmental Policy Studies Majors

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