What Can I Do Green With a Major In?

  • Biology
  • Computational Biology


Students electing a major in biology may choose to study organisms on a cellular and molecular level, the genetics and development of organisms, the function processes of living things or the interrelationships of organisms within their environment. The study of biology provides a valuable background for those interested in science but uncertain of their choice of concentration. Not only are graduates aware of the processes and interactions of living things, but they acquire skills in scientific thinking and insight into the complex biological world.

Green jobs come in many forms for those with an interest in environmental issues.  Working in fish and wildlife services, environmental protection and conservation agencies, meat and dairy inspection, or forestry services are some of those employers. Conservation biologists study biology and resource management, leading to opportunities in teaching, research and fieldwork for government, non profits and private companies.

Computational Biology

Environmental responsibility has emerged as an important consideration for corporations today. The IT sector is becoming aware of the environmental and financial impact of issues such as increased power consumption, data center cooling issues and e-waste from IT operations. A growing field and industry within the computing arena is working to develop green data centers where data servers can be stored in an environmentally friendly facility that uses less energy and helps with carbon emissions.   Students who focus on computational biology can work in areas such biological data modeling and plant bioinformatics


Green careers can be found within each of these job titles:

Computational Biologist Biotechnologist
Molecular Modeling Researcher Biostatistician
Bioinformatics Analyst Biologist
Bioinformatics Software Developer Biomedical Chemist
Laboratory Information Systems Analyst Bioinformatics Professor

Green jobs can be found within the following industries:

The International Society of Computational Biology Advocacy, Grant making, and Civic Organizations
Computer Firms State Government
Computer Software Developers Federal Government
Consulting Firms Scientific Research and Development Services
Laboratories Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing
Scientific Research & Development Services  

Green Internet Resources:

Nature   A career resource information and job posting site for masters or doctoral graduates providing a wide range of career advice and information throughout nature publishing and group journals.

Biology Jobs  Created as a targeted resource for job seekers and employers in Life Science. Biology jobs are divided into categories which include Agriculture, Anatomy / Physiology, Bioinformatics / Biotechnology, Botany, Cell Biology, Conservation, Ecology, Environmental Science Jobs, Genetics, Marine Science, Medicine, Natural Resources, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Veterinary Medicine and zoology.

Greenbiz   This site connects to the business operations section of greenbiz.com.  It examines the latest news on companies that are integrating sustainable principles into their business and operations.

The International Society of Computational Biology   The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) serves over 2500 members from nearly 70 countries around the world by addressing scientific policies, providing access to high quality publications, organizing meetings, and serving as a portal to information about training, education, employment and news from related fields.

Wikipedia   The Wikipedia page for the new field of Biologically Inspired Computing includes research, trends, and resources for this field.

The Biotechnology Information Directory   A biotechnology information directory for the life sciences community,  it focuses on all aspects and areas of modern biotechnology and related fields. ArgosBiotech.de acts as a gateway to worldwide biotech which opens up resources to the best free available biotechnology information

GreenBiz.com   A website focusing on resources for environmentally responsible computing

Cool Climate Jobs   Job posting site for green careers related to climate change

Green Careers Guide   Site offers green career categories with job descriptions, training required, training programs by state, and job listings.


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