What Can I Do Green With a Major In?

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology
  • Power & Energy Systems
  • Telecommunication
  • Telecom. Mgmt Tech

Electrical, power, and telecommunications engineering are diversified professions concerned with the design and operation of the electrical power devices and systems required by our technological society.  These are the engineers that are helping to create bio fuels, solar power systems, renewable energy solutions, water treatment facilities, and telecommunications systems that use less energy.

Green careers can be found within each of these job titles:

Biofuel Engineer Cement Industry Engineers & Managers
Energy/Water Engineer/Modeler Biomedical Technician
Building systems Engineer Power Systems Engineer
Engineer (electrical, mechanical, manufacturing) Hydrologist-Water Restoration
Inventory Analyst Research Development Specialist
Field Marketing Specialist Process/ Quality Assurance Engineer
Project Manager Solar & Wind Electric Installer
Sales Operations Analyst Solar Electric & Solar Hot Water Engineers (installation & design)
Mechanical Reliability Engineer Telecommunications Engineer
Pipeline Integrity Engineer  

Green jobs can be found within the following industries:

Aerospace Product Companies Environmental Organizations
Building, Developing, & General Contractors Federal Government
Chemical Companies Medical Equipment Manufacturers
Colleges and Universities Alternative Petroleum Industry
Computer Companies Pharmaceuticals
Consulting Services Scientific Research & Development Services
Education Telecommunication Companies
Electrical Equipment, Appliance, & Component Manufacturing Companies Utilities
Engineering Companies Waste Management & Remediation Services

Green Internet Resources:

Emerging Green builders NJ   Represents a coalition of students and young professionals intent on promoting the green building movement. Lists jobs/internships/educational seminars/events

Green Career Tracks   This site helps create an interest in learning more about or obtaining a green job.

Green Career Central   A site that provides information for students and young professionals intent on promoting the green building movement. Lists jobs/internships/educational seminars/events.

Job Treehugger   Job board of green jobs

Cool Climate Jobs   Job posting site for green careers related to climate change

Green Jobs   Job posting site that relates to green careers. Registration is required in order to use the site’s full features.

ENN (Environmental News Network) Site to help nonprofits, governments and businesses from around the world get their information published and read by the people who have an interest in preserving the planet

Environment Jobs   This site includes free job search and posting of resumes relating to green careers.

Centre for Education & Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES)   networks investors of environmental organizations and other interested groups to address a global climate change.

Sustainable Business   This site provides global news and networking services to help green businesses grow, covering all sectors: renewable energy, green building, sustainable investing, and organics.

Green Careers Guide   Site offers green career categories with job descriptions, training required, training programs by state, and job listings. It also gives job search advice provided by careerbuilder.com.

The GreenJobs Network of Websites : ConservationJobs - EnvironmentalJobs - GreenJobs - GreenJobs (Ireland) - RenewableEnergyJobs - SolarJobs - WasteJobs - WaterJobs - WindJobs




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