Student Speaker: Paula McCarter

Paula McCarterPaula McCarter is a junior mechanical engineering major in the Albert Dorman Honors College. She was born and raised in Newark, Delaware, with her two younger sisters. After attending the Charter School of Wilmington, a math and science charter school, she chose NJIT as the place to fulfill her needs for a STEM education.

In 2012, Paula spent a year working as part of the Interdisciplinary Design Studio. The project changed occasionally, but was based around vertical farming and hydroponics. She partnered with three other students and an Enterprise Development Center company to work on this year-long innovation and entrepreneurship simulation. Creating business and technical reports as well as presenting to an External Advisory Board were highlights of this program.

NJIT has more to offer than just academics. Paula is a member of the Nucleus yearbook, Society of Women Engineering, Engineering without Borders, and Sigma Psi Kappa Sorority. She also works in the Office of the President and as a Resident Assistant in Laurel Hall. NJIT is full of opportunities for social and academic development and advancement. 

This summer, Paula held a 10-week internship at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. She worked on determination of thermal conductivity using two different techniques. This internship was important to her education and overall work skills, reinforcing many things which she had already learned at NJIT.

Upon applying to NJIT, Paula was offered numerous scholarships including the James Kennedy, Crimmins, Presidential, Faculty, and Honors Scholarships. This financial aid was not only a deciding factor for coming to NJIT, but has also been an enabler. Since Paula does not hold the stressful burden of worrying how to fund her education, she has been allowed to focus on her own achievements. She was able to do things that were the best use of her time, not choosing activities based solely on earning money towards her education.

After graduating from NJIT, Paula plans on continuing her achievements by working with cutting-edge technology to invent products that will impact the world. NJIT has given her technical, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills that she will invest in making the world a better place.