Consortium for Pre-College Education

What is the Consortium?

The Consortium for Pre-College Education in Greater Newark is a collaboration between the Newark public school district and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.  Funded by the New Jersey Higher Education, the Consortium aims to provide educational programs and college bound activities for over 700 students in grades six through twelve. Our population is more often low-income, Black or Latino and the first generation of their family to aspire and attend college. The Consortium offer a broad array of educational programs to students interested in going to college.

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) is a four year comprehensive technological university that offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees in the areas of architecture, science, mathematics, engineering, technology, management and other science related disciplines. Many programs at NJIT emphasize applied learning, use of the computer, research and public service, all in response to a rapidly changing society.

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