Formerly named the Committee on Women's Issues, the Committee on Women's Leadership (CWL) was revitalized in 2013. We updated our name, mission, goals, and objectives to reflect what we do at NJIT.


CWL’s mission is to enhance the visibility and support the success of women at NJIT by facilitating networking opportunities, leadership, professional development and community building. 

Goals and Objectives

  • Develop and implement marketing strategies to promote CWL.
    • Coordinate resources available to create and implement a marketing strategy for CWL.
  • Collaborate with Campus Partners to support the recruitment and retention of women staff and faculty.
    • Identify the needs and understand what would motivate faculty to become a member of the CWL.
    • Identify resources used on campus to recruit women to NJIT.
  • Offer leadership and professional development opportunities to support women’s careers at NJIT.
    • Develop, distribute and evaluate the results of a climate survey to identify professional development opportunities.
    • Plan and organize at least two professional events on campus.


The committee was established by Saul Fenster, former NJIT president, in 1992, when he declared the "Decade of the Woman at NJIT."  

The committee was charged with the following set of responsibilities: 

  1. To provide a forum for women at NJIT to discuss matters of common concern including issues related to the academic and social environment of the university
  2. To explore the continuing integration of gender into the curriculum
  3. To explore strategies for recruiting women students, faculty and staff
  4. To assess the impact of university policies on women
  5. To consult with and advise the president on relevant issues and recommend strategies for areas of concern

CWI/CWL Co-Chairs:

  • 2005 - 2012: Rose Federici & Dean Conrad
  • 2012 - 2015: Karen Quackenbush & Dominique Clarke
  • 2015 - 2017: Casey Hennessey & Lucie Tchouassi
  • 2017 - Present: Lucie Tchouassi & Christina Pascucci

Our Past Successes Include:

  • Provost and Faculty Council approval of a proposal to stop the tenure clock for faculty members caring for a biological or adopted child
  • Escort service was established with Public Safety to ensure safety for employees leaving the university after dark
  • The University opened a child care center as a direct result of a study by faculty and staff
  • The annual Lillian Gilbreth Colloquium was established
  • The Anne Wiley and Connie Murray scholarships were endowed
  • Issued a report on Advancing the Status of Women at NJIT:  Recommendations for the Strategic Planning Process
  • Won the 2007 Constance A Murray Diversity Award. Presented to an individual or group that goes beyond the commitment to equality required of each of us at NJIT, has compiled a significant and sustained record of achievement in fostering diversity within the university community.
  • Developed the Active – Modified Services Duty for Faculty.  Eligible faculty may be relieved of teaching responsibilities for one semester for care of a newly-born or adopted child
  • Established and maintained the Lactation Lounge
  • Worked collaboratively with The Connie Murray Center for Women in Technology and The NJIT Chapter of AceNet
  • Offered workshops and brown bag lunches on a continual basis which provided speakers on topics that are of importance to our constituents.  This includes our annual networking welcome breakfast for new women employees and our annual fundraising for women’s scholarships