Diversi-Tea Conversation Series

Diversi-Tea is a monthly diversity dialogue series facilitated by the student staff from the Diversity and Inclusion Office. This series offers the student population a space to discuss topics that are relevant on and off campus. Conversations are open to students only, as we encourage peer to peer conversation. Food and special teas are served at each event. 

The idea behind the event started in Fall 2011 when Sherlene Ayala arrived to NJIT, The idea was to allow students a space to engage in conversation that fostered relationships, connections as well as critical thinking of multicultural topics. The idea was supported after a campus climate survey distributed in 2014 where NJIT students sought spaces to talk about differences . The title of the program evolved over time, as the original title was "C3: Cross Cultural Conversations" however, in 2015, the staff agreed that the title should be more accurate and reflective of the program itself. Topics address a variety of identities including Age, Disability. Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Faith, Spirituality, Socioeconomic Status, National Origin, Indigenous Heritage, Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation.  

Diversity Dialogue Series at NJIT



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