LGBTQA+ Resources

New Jersey Institute of Technology is rated as one of the most diverse campuses in the nation. NJIT is home to a diverse, vibrant, and engaged student body that varies in identities. The Diversity& Inclusion Programs Office within the Campus Life offers programs and initiatives to support students of the LGBTQA+ community, as well as provides resources for those who wish to learn more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NJIT have a student organization or club for LGBTQA+ students?
Students can become members of SPECTRUM, which is a student run organization. The President of the group is Christopher McCormick, The academic advisor to the club is Barry Broxton  & Ryan Baldwin

Does NJIT have a designated office for LGBTQA+ Services?
NJIT does not have a dedicated space or center, however the Diversity & Inclusions Programs office is a space that is welcoming and supportive of all students. We invite you to visit us the next time you're in the Campus Center. We are located in room 485.

What activities are sponsored on campus for LGBTQA+ students?
There are a variety of opportunities that are available, such as social programs, support groups, as well as round table discussions. 

Are LGBTQA+ Counseling Services available?
College is a time that many students begin to openly explore their sexual identity and discover and challenge their own beliefs and attitudes around sexual orientation and gender. For students searching for a safe, confidential place to explore questions, concerns and traditional beliefs around sexual orientation sensitive and highly trained professionals will help you to address and examine these issues. The C-CAPS Office is located in Campbell Hall on the first floor. Students can learn more at:

Are faculty and staff trained to be LGBTQA+ Allies?
The NJIT Diversity and Social Justice Committee partners up with community partners to provide workshops and discussions to foster increased awareness and knowledge to the LGBTQA+ Community.

Are students trained to be LGBTQA+ allies?
Absolutely! Many offices on our campus require their students to engage in Safe Zone Training.