Flood or Severe Weather

Flood or Severe Weather


The primary context of this plan is for severe weather catastrophes. However, the basic emergency procedure is adaptable to other listed occurrences.

In case of a weather-related emergency such as hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning or floods, the following response protocol will be followed.

When the Public Safety Office receives a notice from the National Weather Bureau or other official venue that severe weather is imminent, they will contact the Vice President for Real Estate Development and Capital Operations who will assess the situation and advise the President of the University.

Students and staff will be notified of any actions through the Campus-Wide Notification System and their resident staffs and departments.

The following Administrative Response Teams may meet to respond to the crisis:

  • Academic
  • Office of Information Technologies
  • Communications
  • Student Affairs
  • Human Resources 
  • Physical Plant
  • Public Safety

The NJIT Department of Public Safety will secure the campus and will notify Physical Plant of any potential hazards.

Appropriate Physical Plant staff will remain on campus to attend to all Physical Plant needs and to assist other response committees.

The Student Affairs Response Team will notify Physical Plant to meet the housing and meal needs of students on campus. Campus Activities will prepare student leaders and will arrange activities for students remaining on campus. The Dean of Students and Campus Life will coordinate with St. Michael’s Hospital medical staff for any student(s) needing resulting health precaution/attention services.

The Communications team will work with other University officials to incorporate a communication plan for students, parents, and media. The Academic Committee will make a recommendation to the President regarding the class schedule.

The Human Resources Department will make a recommendation to the President regarding staffing and will work with the Student Affairs Committee to meet the needs of employees who may be stranded.

The NJIT Executive Response Team will meet throughout the crisis to monitor events and to make decisions regarding the operations of the University.


Public Safety will notify the appropriate University officials of any anticipated or actual campus floods. Public Safety and/or Physical Plant will cordon off any potential/actual flood locations using available cones, barricades, and/or caution tape.

  1. The President, or designee, shall make the decision for the evacuation of Physical Plant.
  2. The Chief of Police/Director of Public Safety shall determine the need to order an evacuation of vehicles from the parking lots.
  3. DO NOT RETURN TO THE EVACUATED AREA unless told to do so by the University or responding emergency response officials.

The university community can keep appraised of the situation through these additional resources

  1. Campus-Wide Notification System
  2. NJIT Website at www.njit.edu
  3. NJIT social media channels
  4. NJIT Main phone number: 973-596-3000



Updated 4.5.18