Code of Student Conduct - Article 8 - Appeals


Section 1. Grounds for Appeal

The respondent found responsible by the Student Conduct Hearing Board for an offense may request an appeal before the Committee on Student Judicial Appeals. 

Such an appeal shall be based upon any of the following grounds:

  1. A procedural error so significant that it deprived the student of a fair disciplinary process. 

  2. To consider new information sufficient to alter a decision or other relevant facts not brought out in the original hearing only if such information or facts were not known to the person appealing at the time of the hearing.

  3. The decision reached regarding the Respondent lacked substantive information, that is, whether there were facts sufficient to establish that a violation occurred.

  4. The sanction(s) imposed is/are substantially disproportionate to the severity of the violation.

  5. The complainant may not appeal a hearing board’s or Hearing Officer’s decision except in cases of sexual misconduct.

The Dean of Students (or designee) will review the appeal to determine if it meets the criteria for reconsideration by the Committee of Student Judicial Appeals. 


Section 2. Appeal Procedure

If the respondent chooses not to accept the decision, and requests an Appeal to the Committee on Student Judicial Appeals the written request shall be made to the Dean of Students and Campus Life within three business days following notice of the results. The Dean of Students and Campus Life, or designee, will review the appeal to determine if it meets criteria. The Dean of Students and Campus Life Office reserves the right to assign the appeal to an Appeals Officer or The Committee on Student Judicial Appeals. The Appeals Officer or Committee shall review the written record of the case and, if appropriate, the recording (in part or in full) of the Hearing being appealed. A new hearing shall not be conducted by the Committee on Student Appeals or Appeals Officer.


Section 3. Appeal Decisions

The Committee or Appeals Officer may:

  1. Affirm the finding and sanction(s) imposed;

  2. Affirm the finding and reduce, suspend or remand the determination of sanction to the Student Conduct Hearing Board;

  3. Remand the case to the Committee on Student Conduct for reconsideration.

All decisions of the Committee on Student Judicial Appeals are final, and not subject to further appeal. The notification of the decision shall be sent to the Dean of Students and Campus Life.



Updated 4.5.18