Undergraduate Majors


Degrees Offered





Applied Physics Physics
CoAD B.Arch and B.S. Architecture College of Architecture & Design
CSLA B.S. Biochemistry Chemistry & Environmental Science
CCS B.S. Bioinformatics Computer Science
CSLA B.S. and B.A. Biology Biological Sciences
NCE B.S. Biomedical Engineering, with concentrations in:
Biomedical engineering
CSLA B.S. Biophysics Physics
SOM B.S. Business, with concentrations in:
School of Management
CCS B.S. Business & Information Systems Information Systems
NCE B.S. Chemical Engineering Chemical, Biological, & Pharmaceutical Engineering
CSLA B.S. Chemistry Chemistry & Environmental Science
NCE B.S. Civil Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering
CSLA B.S. and B.A. Communication & Media Humanities
NCE B.S. Computer Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering
CCS B.S. and B.A. Computer Science Computer Science
CCS B.S. Computing and Business Computer Science
CoAD B.A. Digital Design College of Architecture & Design
NCE B.S. Electrical Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering
NCE B.S. Engineering Science Civil & Environmental Engineering
NCE B.S. Engineering Technology, with Options in:
Engineering Technology
CSLA B.S. Environmental Sciences Chemistry & Environmental Science
CSLA B.A. History History
CCS B.S. Human Computer Interaction Information Systems
CoAD B.S. Industrial Design College of Architecture and Design
NCE B.S. Industrial Engineering Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
CCS B.A. Information Systems Information Systems
CCS B.S. Information Technology Information Technology
CoAD B.A. Interior Design College of Architecture and Design
CSLA B.A. Law, Technology and Culture History
CSLA B.S. Mathematical Sciences, with concentrations in Mathematical Sciences
NCE B.S. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical & Industrial Engineering
CSLA B.A. Patent Law, Technology and Culture History
CSLA B.S. Science, Technology & Society Humanities
CSLA B.A. Theatre, Arts and Technology Humanities
CCS B.S. Web and Information Systems Information Systems