Mission Statement

EHS Mission Statement, Goals, and Vision


Our Mission

The Environmental Health and Safety Department (EHS) supports the overall mission and goals of NJIT by developing, implementing, and administering comprehensive environmental health and safety services, policies, and procedures throughout the university community.   EHS seeks to develop and implement sound and effective policies and procedures that protect public health, prevent personal injury, and maintain regulatory compliance in the areas of chemical, biological, and radiation safety; occupational health and safety; and environmental stewardship.  Through these efforts, EHS supports NJIT’s mission of education, research, and community engagement.


Our Goals

  • To develop and implement comprehensive policies, procedures, and training materials designed to improve overall environmental health and safety compliance for various groups across the NJIT campus.
  • To develop, improve, and maintain a departmental web page that provides access to health and safety policies, procedures, guidance documents, and compliance information.
  • To improve communication with the University community and stress the importance of adhering to health and safety standards on a campus-wide basis.
  • To build and foster a “culture of safety” and become an EHS resource for the NJIT community


Our Vision

To develop and promote a safe and healthful environment for the University’s faculty, students, staff, and guests by ensuring a high level of environmental health and safety services as NJIT continues to expand into new areas of research and innovation.